Friday 1 April 2011

After Graduating

Hoping God Dispose the Same One

When I got this assignment, I was so happy. Basically, I like to tell a story of everything. Include story about my experience in my life. That is why I think I will finish this assignment easily and fast. But then what happen? I get any difficulties in improving my mind. That is quite strange for me.

Why I get some difficulties? After trying to analyze, I know that there is a lot of problem when you convert your idea into paper/ notebook as a softcopy. First, idea is unlimited and written idea is limited. I mean borderless imagination is invalid in writing mode. You can think about everything in your head but not in your paper. Second, my imaginations always change in seconds and it is make me frustrate because of the different idea that I want to write. And so on.

Ok, back to the topic, in this chance I will tell you about my plan after graduating from college. State College of Accounting is a house of dreams for millions Senior High School’s students. Helmy Yahya, Sunday November 7th 2010 (in G building) said that STAN is the most difficult accounting college to enter in the world. Let’s compare the proportion of students applied and students received.

Every year, more than one hundred thousand students apply to take test in this college but only two thousand and five hundred students that accepted. What a lucky 2, 5 percents. That means only one student accepted among fifty. What about National Universities Examination (SNMPTN) in Indonesia? 432.000 applied and 86.000 received (source: TV one), 1: 5, 02 and STAN is 1: 50. Can you see the meaning of that? Mr. Helmy also said that our accounting curriculum is the most difficult in the world. He ever studies in University of Florida USA, which has one of the best accounting departments in USA, for his master degree. He shared to us that our book (principle of accounting, warren reeve fees; intermediate of accounting, stice and skousen; advance accounting, Floyd beams) are more difficult than USA’s accounting textbook. That’s why I’m so happy studying here. Everyday felt like a dream for me. But now I’m in the third degree, the last degree in STAN. Less than a year I will entry a new world, work.

I have to ponder about my plan after graduating from STAN. And I have decided to be a government auditor. Why? Because auditor is a cool job I think. It needs competencies, independencies, and objectivities in doing our duty. Competency means that I have to be cleverer than my client in accounting and auditing. And I can learn in whole of my life because of my duty. For example, if I must audit a hospital, I will know medical administration. If I audit a project of highway, I will know about composition of highway construction, and etc. It makes me learn much knowledge which is rare found in other kind of job.

Independency means that I was forbidden to audit any organization/ company that I belong to. Then objectivity is a kind of behavior that I must be fair to both stakeholder and management. Tendencies can not be tolerated. Three principles required mean a lot for me. I think auditor is really suitable for me. It requires honest and clever people like me.

Government auditor will also have a high mobility. They must do their job in a province. I like travelling and recognize Indonesian culture. So, it is no problem for me if I infrequently stay at home.

Besides dreaming to be an auditor, I want to have another side job. I think it is necessary for a PNS. I prefer to be painter and tutor as my other side job. Why painter? It is my hobby since I was in kindergarten. Everybody believes that my painting is good. They think I have a talent in that art. I often won paint competition in elementary school. For me, it is pleasure to spend leisure time in front of canvas and water/oil color. And tutor just because I like children. I love the way they solve mathematics problems seriously and asking for some was they right or not.

My effort to achieve to be an auditor is unclear in STAN because the IP has no correlation with kind of our job. There is no guarantee for anyone who gets highest IP in STAN to be an auditor or any kind of job which he/she wants. Sometimes, BPK just receive the twenty five lowest IP, and sometimes random. I do not know what the pattern of placing students is.

I just can hope the best for my future in praying. And also I study hard in order to make my parent rightfully proud of me. My IP is category is medium, 3.58, my last IP in 5th semester. Not too bad, but not good enough. I never know can it bring me to BPK office somewhere.

Beside that I have followed auditing organization in STAN named BAK (Badan Audit Kemahasiswaan) since my first semester. So, I have knew how is auditing and also ever be an auditor of this college’s legislatives (BEM).

Man proposes God disposes. Everybody can dreams the best for themselves. But the decision is in the God authority.

If my plan is not to be achieved I will be annoyed, of course. But I will believe that it is the best from God for me. The other opportunity beside become an auditor is being a tax/ custom administrators. It is not too bad for me. Maybe my annoying feeling will be erased by time. I will still keep my commitment to be a financial ministry employee like my agreement with this college when registration. Painter and tutor will help reduce my cloudy heart which is caused of my sadness.

To be an auditor is not a secret of mine. Everybody knows, and thanks God, everybody likes my plan. My mother one hundred percent agree with it and so does my whole family. Although they don’t know exactly what is auditor but they believe I will do the best and choose the best for my future. My close friends also support my opinion. Even some of them pray for my dreams. Beside that, their moral words also make me stand strongly in my desire to be and auditor.

Finally, entering STAN is my biggest dream when I was senior high school student. After achieving that goal, I make another wish, be an auditor. Once again, Man proposes God disposes. I hope God decides the best for me. Right know in my consideration, the best is BPK. Hope you also pray for me sir. Thank you.

Still praying,

Name : Sanda Aditya Arsandi
Class : 3U/ Government Accounting - State College of Accounting

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