Saturday 16 February 2019

Best Zoo in Java Island

Nowadays, having vacation has been tranformed from tertier needs into primary needs for almost citizen all around the world. Especially for those who lives in big cities. Congestion, Work Performance Target, and Inflation are examples of problems that probably they meet everyday. Therefore people needs to release their stress anywhere.

Bandung Zoo needs to be repaired soon
Recreation center which is located near urban area is either the cheapest or easiest place to visit by most of people who actually only have one or two days in weekend. City zoo could be an alternative which is provided by local government, include Indonesia. 

In Java island, the most populous island in Indonesia and maybe in the world, zoo is located in every big capital cities i.e. Ragunan in Jakarta, Surabaya Zoo, Gembira Loka in Yogya, Bandung Zoo, Mangkang in Semarang, and many other in suburban cities. These zoos commonly organized by local government. Some of them looked mesmerizing and the other needs improvement in many aspects. I visited some of them and could make summary that probably useful for you whether is it worth to visit when you looking for a place to go. 

In glance, Ragunan is the most remarkable and Gembira Loka is the most informative. However, I hope Surabaya zoo could achieve its heyday again since it was considered as the oldest in Asia. Meanwhile Bandung needs abundance repairs. 

To be considered as the best, I have made some parameters result in sequences. For me, a budget traveler or we can say, a backpacker, a tourism object is catagorized as the good one if it is affordable (price), accesible (public transportation), enjoyable (complete facilities) and completeness (immense tourist atraction inside). Here is top 3 rank of those parameters.

Entrance Ticket
1. Ragunan with only IDR 4.000,-
2. Surabaya, IDR 15.000,-
3. Gembira Loka, IDR 20.000,-
I was a little bit shocked with Bandung Zoo which cost you IDR 40.000 per adult person. 

How To Get There
1. Surabaya, almost of public transport can bring you there.
2. Ragunan with it's connected transjakarta. There are a bus stop precisely located in front of Zoo ticket counter.
3. Gembira Loka with it's transjogja. But you need to walk a quite far to the entrance gate.
Again, I get dificulties accesing Bandung Zoo. I used grab/ gojek to get there.

To be honest, all of the zoos in Java island provides basic facilities that a tourist needs like toilet, souvenir stall, pray room, nursery room, foodcourt, etc. But yet fascinating. They have to make massive betterments. 

Tourist Attractions
1. Ragunan. With various atractions from horse riding to Schmutzer primates center, i can say that Ragunan is the most complete zoo in Java. 
2. Gembira Loka. You will find all of, not only cages but also other facilities (fish spa, elephant riding, etc) are well maintained. And of course its pinguin cages gives Gembira Loka another credit.
3. Surabaya. Established since 1918, Surabaya Zoo also gives numerous animal collectios besides a 15 hectares jogging track, duck boat, and observation deck.

For conclussion, I can say that Ragunan in South Jakarta is the best zoo in Java island by its affordaple ticket price and completeness attractions. 
Well, actually Gembira Loka is my favourite

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