Sunday 5 May 2013

Bali Travel Guidance: Pura Luhur Uluwatu

You have to read my previous post about my first experience backpacking to Uluwatu. Then you will see the challenge and a lot of advice before wandering in South Bali (Peninsula).
beautifull India ocean from Uluwatu

What is Uluwatu:

“This temple is one of several important temples to the spirits of the sea along the south coast of Bali. It’s one of the seafront temples beside Tanah Lot, Rambut Siwi, and Pura Sakenan. The temple is perched precipitously on the southwestern tip of peninsula, atop cliffs that drop straight into the pounding surf” (lonely planet page 132).

“For the Balinese, Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most important and venerated sea temples. Like Pura Luhur Uluwatu, at the tip of the southern Bukit Peninsula, and Pura Rambut Siwi to the west. Its said that each of the ‘sea temples’ was intended to be within sight of the next, so they formed a chain along Bali’s southwestern coast-from Pura Tanah Lot you can usually see the cliffs top site of Pura Uluwatu far to the south, and the long sweep of sea shore west to Perancak, near Negara” (lonely planet page 272).

How to get there:

The best way to travel in Bali is by rent a motorcycle/ car. Personally I’d like to choose motorcycle better than car because Bali has been more crowded in managing the population of vehicles. Beware traffic jam during 5 p.m. in By Pass Ngurah Rai near the airport. Better come back to your cottage before or after that time.

From Airport, go to intersection By Pass Ngurah Rai. Turn right and go ahead until 2 traffic lights. In the third traffic light, turn right to Udayana University, Mc D and KFC is the best sign to remind. Sloops and hills are available for you that need a mountain bike challenge.

A lot of sign board in every intersection until you come to Pecatu village. 

How much:

April 2013, IDR 3.000 for motorcycle parking fee. IDR 15.000 (domestic) and IDR 30.000 (foreign) for entrance ticket.

green vegetation in Uluwatu

my travelling mate

sunset theatre


the cliffs
Best time:

All year is good time to visit. Weekend will be noisier. Indonesia has 2 seasons. In rain season (October-March) Uluwatu temple covered by green vegetation and contrast in dry season, molted leaves are dominating. Uluwatu’s sunset is one of the best in Bali. A wonderfull Kecak dance with sunset setting is held in the temple theatre which is charge more Rupiahs for you who interested with.  

inner small temple

~only Hindu worshippers can enter the inner small temple. Visitors should use sheath which is available free.
~there are a lot of wild monkey inside. Sunglasses, camera, necklace, hand bag, or hats aren’t safe. Take care your luggage from monkey reach and hold it tightly. If something happens, please call nearest “pecalang” to grab your luggage back from monkey. It’s free.

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